Battle of the Ages Meet Rescheduled

The Seahawks are back in the water! After facing winter storm Jupiter and busy week for the high school men’s team, it’s been an odd (and limited) practice schedule.

Just a reminder – tonight’s practice will as normally scheduled. There is a middle school boys meet at home. However, these meets typically last 30 minutes and should conclude about the time practice is due to start.

The Battle of the Ages meet will be held Tuesday, January 24th. Warm-ups will begin no later than 5PM. The meet will start at 5:30PM.

This meet has a unique twist on it, the races are matched simply by seed time. In other words, regardless of age, everyone will swim with others of a similar time. This also means ribbons and medals are awarded overall, rather than the age-group and male/female. This fun spin on our traditional club meet allows the ages to “battle” to see which age-group wins the most events or take homes the most ribbons. It’s a simple way to add a little friendly competition!

Note: Due to the set up of this meet, it tends to run a little fast than traditional club meets.

Good luck to all our Seahawks at the meet!

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