General Information

South Des Moines Swimming (SDMS) is glad to be able to offer swimming lessons on a limited basis throughout the year. We are proud of our lessons program which includes three class levels and morning/evening options.

Swim lessons are available for young swimmers ages 3-9 to begin learning the basics of swimming.

Each class will have an in-water instructor. The program is designed for children who are not yet ready for club swimming. This could include being brand new to the water, some basic knowledge (floating/kicking, able to move arms/legs), or some moderate knowledge (able to swim, but less than 25 yards [one length]). Your child will be assigned their class on the first day. We try to keep the ratio at 1:5 for classes.

Note: The lessons program is NOT for current club swimmers or swimmers that can meet our Novice club swimmer requirements.

Our lessons program is broken into three classes, Goldfish, Sting Ray and Dolphin. Read more about each class below. Classes will be divided at the first practice; there’s no need to choose one at sign up.

Goldfish: This class is to learn the most basic skills. Students will be taught to put their head underwater, blow air out their nose, float, basic arm and leg movements and more! This would be great for our youngest learners who are graduating from the bathtub to the pool.

Sting Ray: This class is for our intermediate learners. In this class, students will begin to learn more advanced skills and start to get more comfortable in deeper water. They will learn the basics of freesytle and backstroke, breathing to the side, and many other skills. This class strives to teach confidence and safe swimming in all water depths.

Dolphin: This class is for more advanced swimmers. These swimmers will work on learning all four strokes, starts from the side of the pool and blocks. They will also work on breathing and will strive to swim longer distances (one full length). Upon graduation from this class, your child will be ready to join the competitive team in the novice division.

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