General Information

Club diving is for athletes who would like to learn how to dive off a diving board. This includes, somersaults, back dives, and more, just like the high school girl divers.

It is set up differently than club swimming. The biggest difference is there are no meets. This is due to a limited number of diving boards in the Des Moines Metro. After all, there can’t be a diving team if there aren’t diving boards for practice.

SDMS Diving is fortunate to practice at Lincoln High School, where a diving board is always available. Our diving program is designed to teach young athletes the basics behind the sport. We aim to create a solid foundation to prepare for high school diving, since it can take several months (or even years!) to become a proficient diver.

High school diving is currently the only widespread competitive diving in Iowa (excluding collegiate) and it’s only available to high school girls. Boys high school diving was discontinued in the mid 1990’s. Because of this, SDMS Diving is only available to girls.

SDMS club diving will be offered in a few four-week camps throughout the year, when possible. We have to work around a full pool schedule, including high school swimming, middle school swimming and almost year-round club swimming in order to practice.

Check out Current Season for more information on when the next session will start. If you have questions, please email the Dive Coach, Tereca Weber.

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