General Information

The USA team is part of South Des Moines Swimming (SDMS). Currently, the USA team practices with the club team and participates in the club meets. However, USA team members also swim in USA meets throughout the club season which are held all over the MidWest. The USA meet schedule can be found on the Practice & Meet Schedules page. For club meet information, please visit the Club page.

USA Meets
The USA team allows athletes to compete in additional meets throughout the season. These meets are structured differently than club meets including offering a wider range of events which allows athletes to experience new distances for each stroke.  These meets can be used to qualify for additional higher level competition, including the MidWest Regional Meet, held in Minnesota.

Each USA meet is unique. The hosting team sets the warm-up and start times, the meet registration fees, where the team holding area is, if there are concessions and other details about the meet.  As SDMS receives this information, we’ll post it on the Practice & Meet Schedules page as a link titled Meet Information. Be sure to check back often so you have all of the information you need about each meet. The meet results for these meets will be posted under Current Season.

Requirements & Fees
Athletes must met the qualifying times to participate on the USA team.

Athletes pay the standard fee to be a part of and practice with the South Des Moines Swimming. From there, the athletes will need to be members of USA Swimming to compete. These memberships can be paid annually through SDMS via the online store or the local USA Swimming Office. The fee is $66 per athlete. There will also be fees associated with competition.

For each meet entered, the swimmer will have to pay a per-event charge, ISI splash fee and potentially a SDMS processing fee (which covers administrative costs and associated coaching costs). Some meet sites may also charge a facility fee. Generally the total meet fee is approximately $20 per athlete. Of course, this will vary based on the events entered. You’ll be able to pay for the USA meet costs online at the shop after receiving your total in a PDF summary from Coach Weber.

If you have further questions about the USA team, please contact us.

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