Meet Schedule

Club swim meets are a great way for your swimmers to see all their hard work in action. Swim meets give them a chance to race peers and compare their times to previous performances. We strongly encourage everyone to sign up for all available club swim meets. Most kids say that swim meets are their favorite part of swimming! Plus – all the meets listed below are included free of charge, a perk many area swim teams don’t offer.

Important Times

  • 5:30PM or 5:45PM: Warm-ups begin.
    • We will have two 15 minute rotations, so kids can get in at 5:45 or 6:00 to warm up.
    • HS Men’s swimmer will end practice 15 minutes early to accommodate club swim meets.
  • 6:00PM or 6:15PM: Swim meet begins.
    • Meets typically end between 7:30 and 8:00. Swimmers can leave when all of their events are complete. Please remember to check for relays!

Important Information

  • Please remember to sign-up for the club meets within the sign-up window since we can’t accept late entries.
    • Sign-ups close at noon on the date listed.
  •  All swim meets listed on this page are held at Lincoln High School
    • For USA meets, please visit the USA meet schedule page.
  • View the current season’s meet results under Current Season.

Winter 2019-20 Meet Schedule

Date Time Meet Title Location Sign-up
6:15pm Gray vs Gold  Lincoln 11/7/19 11/12/19
5:45pm Masters of Distance  Lincoln  1/13/20  1/18/20
6:00pm Battle of the Ages  Lincoln  1/29/20  2/4/20
6:00pm SDMS Champ Meet  Lincoln  2/21/20  2/25/20

Summer 2019 Meet Schedule 

Date Time Meet Title Location Sign-up
6:00pm Gray vs Gold  Lincoln 6/14/19 6/19/19
6:00pm Seahawk Sprint Classic  Lincoln  7/5/19  7/10/19
6:00pm SDMS Champ Meet  Lincoln  7/19/19  7/24/19


In the event of inclimate weather, practice and/or meets will be cancelled. South DM Swimming will post something on the website, send an email, post on Facebook, ect if this were to occur.

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