Club Meet Sign-Up

Please complete the appropriate online sign-up form for the upcoming club meet (located at the bottom of this page). When choosing a form, it is important to use your child’s age on the day of the meet.

You are only signing-up for individual events. The coaches will assign relays, once your child is registered. If you sign-up for three individual events, your child can only be in one relay. Signing-up for two individual events does not guarantee that your child will be in two relays.

All club swimmers are expected to attend at least two meets each season in addition to the SDMS Championship Meet. Please note: The meet sign-up period ends at 12:00PM on the posted Sign-Up Closes date. This timing allows us enough time to determine relays, ect. If we haven’t received your child’s events, they won’t be able to swim.

Summer 2021 Meet Schedule 

Date Time Meet Title Location Sign-up
6/28/21 (Monday) 5:45pm Club Meet #1 Lincoln 6/22/21 6/27/19
7/29/21 (Thursday) 5:45pm Club Meet #2 Lincoln 7/15/21 7/21/21

Club Meet Sign-Up Forms:

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