Seahawk Sprint Classic Meet Sign-Up

Please complete the online sign-up form for the Seahawk Sprint Classic! Three simple steps and your child is ready to swim!

  1. Complete the form. If multiple children will be swimming, please submit a separate form for each child. (Note: Because all events are the same for all age-groups, there is only one version of the sign-up form.)
  2. Check up to FOUR events. You child can swim a maximum of FOUR individual events for this meet. (Note: Boys and girls will be swimming mixed for this meet so there is no need to choose specific event numbers.)
  3. Hit Submit.

Remember the coaches will assign relays once your child is registered. You are only signing-up for individual events. You can also view the full event list here since it’s different than other club swim meets.

Note: It is important to use your child’s age on the day of the meet.


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