Spring Splash Meet Sign-Up

Complete the online sign-up form for 1st annual SDMS Spring Splash Meet! This meet is held before the start of the club season. It is a perfect benchmark meet for the upcoming summer season and appropriate for athletes of all skill levels. (Note: shortest length is 50 yards [2 lengths]).

Meet Details

  • Saturday, May 5th
  • 10:00AM Start
  • 8:00AM First Warm-Up
    • Additional warm-ups begin every 30 minutes
    • Doors open at 7:30AM
  • $10/entry fee per swimmer
  • $3/spectator fee per non-athlete
    • Collected the morning of the meet

We invited several teams around the Des Moines Metro to participate so all athletes will have a chance to race swimmers from other teams.

The meet will be seeded time for each event, so have your seed time handy! We set the meet up this way, so that all swimmers regardless of their age or gender will have a competitive race. After the meet is swam, we’ll identify meet records broken by age-group and gender.

Three simple steps and your child is ready to swim!

  1. Complete the form’s information. If multiple children will be swimming, please submit a separate form for each child.
  2. Select up to four events. Please enter the seed time in the box below each event. If no seed is entered, then we’ll enter your child as a NT (no time).
  3. Hit Submit.

Note: It is important to use your child’s age on the day of the meet.

By entering my child into the meet, I assume any and all risk associated with competing in the meet. South DM Swimming, Rails Swimming, Lincoln High School and Des Moines Public Schools are not liable for injuries or accidents.

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