USA Meet Sign-Up

Please complete the online sign-up form for the upcoming USA meet. This form is for ONE USA meet. You will need to submit a separate form for each USA meet that you plan to attend. A few simple steps and your child is ready to swim!

  1. Complete the form’s information. If multiple children will be swimming, please submit a separate form for each child (and for each meet).
  2. Don’t forget to type in the events your child is swimming. For example: 50 Free, 50 Back
  3. Check the entry requirements for maximum number of events. This will vary from meet to meet, so be sure to review the correct meet PDF (sent by email and located on the online shop). 
  4. Hit Submit.

Remember the coaches will assign relays once your child is registered. You are only signing-up for individual events. Signing-up for less than the maximum number of individual events does not guarantee that your child will be in multiple relays.

Note: It is important to use your child’s age on of the first day of the USA meet. This is the age-group they will swim in for that meet. For example, if your child is 12 on Saturday (the day the meet starts), they swim in the 11-12 age-group, even if your child turns 13 on Sunday (the second day of the meet).

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